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Development strategy

SB Sberbank JSC Development Strategy for 2021-2023

Corporate Business


The Bank has set the following corporate business priorities in its 2021–2023 Development Strategy:

  • Growth of the active client base of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs;
  • Development of financial products;
  • Development of remote banking channels;
  • Development of digital service channels;
  • Development of e-commerce;
  • Development of networking with public-sector companies;
  • Development of partnership ventures with the public, quasi-public, and private sectors;
  • Strengthening of the Bank’s position as a leading and stable financial institution in the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Bank’s corporate business is oriented towards three principal client segments: major, medium-sized, and micro or small businesses. The Bank has successfully increased its active client base of legal entities and plans to keep up the growth trend with a series of large-scale partner networking projects.

Retail Business

The Bank has set the following retail business priorities in its 2021–2023 Development Strategy:

  • Growth of the active client base of individuals;
  • Cross-border money transfer leadership;
  • Credit card leadership;
  • Auto lending leadership;
  • Increasing the Bank’s share of the mortgage lending market;
  • Greater share of the retail lending market;
  • Ecosystem expansion through introduction of supplemental services.

With its retail business strategy, the Bank aims to build a financial platform for life and family. To that end, the Bank aspires to reach a leadership position in the key aspects of its clients’ life, digitize customer experience and sales channels, promote a hybrid loyalty scheme, and ultimately to put in place a high-tech platform characterized by seamless partner integration with the public, quasi-public, and private sectors, involving data enrichment.

Technological Superiority

IT development and AI transformation are viewed by the Bank as its key development trajectories. The priorities named in the Bank’s IT transformation vision are digital transformation, implementation of ecosystem consolidating elements, assurance of the reliable operation and cyber-security of systems, transfer of the entire development and testing infrastructure to cloud, and building the best IT team ever. The priorities of AI transformation are propagation of Artificial Intelligence, tapping of new client data sources and data verification methods, onboarding and training of D specialists (Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Analysts), implementation of cutting-edge infrastructure, and process optimization.

Human Resources

Human resources management leadership in the financial services sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a strategic focal point defined within the Bank’s 2021–2023 Development Strategy. The strategy envisions team development along the following lines:

  • Improved workplace experience for employees;
  • Advancement of the super-careers of the future, building the best system for career growth;
  • Building a consolidated HR platform;
  • Close collaboration with partners and the nation’s top universities.

The HR development and training strategy has as its ultimate objective a better training system. The stated objective will be achieved through implementing new, more effective training formats, training key competencies to the new generation of leaders, seeking and propagating talent for adding to the backup workforce pool, and nurturing of a social learning culture inside the perimeter.

The Bank’s key asset has always been its people: its professional, result-driven, ambitious, committed, talented, and successful employees. For its part, the Bank is committed to providing the ultimately comfortable work environment for its employees by fostering a corporate culture dedicated to attracting the aspiring professionals of great promise and helping them unlock their potential.

ESG Business

The Bank champions the ideas of “green financing”, environment conservation, corporate and social responsibility. Having joined the global ESG movement in 2020, the Bank concurs in the ESG policies on:

  • Responsible financing;
  • Resource conservation and waste management;
  • Social responsibility;
  • Corporate responsibility.