Корпоративным клиентам


SberBusiness is a Remote Banking system for corporate clients of SB Sberbank JSC. 

Work with the bank where it is profitable for you.

User-friendly and adaptive interface of SberBusiness allows you to manage the finances of your company with the maximum level of comfort.

SberBusiness provides full-featured work with the entire product line of the Bank, and also allows you to:

  • make foreign exchange transactions on FX platform;
  • manage products, services, movement of funds, including in the form of automatic payments;
  • process documents and transactions in a single control window mode;
  • issue and pay invoices in electronic document management mode;
  • monitor and manage chargeback to save time;
  • withdraw payments and transfers;
  • receive online statements in various formats;
  • manage a group of companies within a single user account;
  • оrder and receive cash online "Electronic cheque";
  • keep document flow with the Bank in a convenient format;
  • always receive the latest news from the Bank and manage background information.

For reference only:

The list of services provided by SberBusiness service is constantly expanding and one of the most comprehensive among Kazakhstan banks today.

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Corporate Client Support Center:

Free of charge call from a mobile (for operators of the Republic of Kazakhstan) - 7744  

  • To work in the system, it is possible to use any computer connected to the Internet that provides an adequate level of security (at work, at home, on vacation);
  • Ability to work in the system on the principle of 24 / 7².
  • The system implements a mechanism for authenticating users and confirming documents with one-time passwords, which provides an adequate level of protection at minimal costs;
  • Use of electronic keys increases the protection of data and allows using electronic digital signature.
  • Separate role for the client's representatives who have the authority to prepare documents;
  • Reduction of costs for processing and storage of paper documentation;
  • Possibility in real time to monitor payment documents and receive the latest data on the status of settlement accounts;
  • Round-the-clock access from anywhere in the world;
  • Tariffs for operations in the remote banking service system are lower than at standard banking services;
  • Presence of a structured system of incoming and outgoing documentation;
  • Saving time for visiting the Bank's outlets;
  • Online access to additional reference information provided by the Bank to its clients.

¹ At providing all the documents and information required by the current laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Bank.
² Execution of documents by the Bank is possible only during the operational time.

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