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в настоящий момент средняя загруженность

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Lending under state program for residential mortgage lending 7-20-25.

How to get loan

The following documents are required to consider the loan application:

  • Identification document;

  • Copy of the marriage certificate of the borrower/co-borrower (if the borrower / co-borrower is married);

  • Entitling documents to real estate provided as collateral;

  • Certificate of the absence (presence) of real estate;

  • To receive a loan under the Program, the borrower and co-borrower (if available) must have income from labor and (or) business activities, confirmed by one of the following documents:

    - for employees - a statement of individual retirement account from Unified Pension Savings Fund for the last six months;

    - for military personnel and persons exempted from paying pension contributions - an income certificate from place of employment for the last six months and a bank account statement to which the salary is credited;

    - for individual entrepreneurs - a tax declaration on the individual income tax of a individual for the last 2 years, signed and sealed by the tax authority. The total declared income net of the expenses provided for by the declaration is divided by 24.

Loan benefits

Advantages of the loan

  • No fee for loan arrangement

  • No fee for loan issue

  • No fee for loan change / adminstration

Loan purpose

Acquisition of primary housing

Loan currency                        


Down payment

 20% of the collateral value

Maximum loan amount

80% of the collateral value

Lending term

12 -300 months

Fee for loan arrangement


Fee for loan issue


Fee for loan change / adminstration


Maximum value of purchased



KZT 25 mln. for


Almaty, Aktau, Atyrau, Shymkent

KZT 15 mln. for

other regions


Collateral value

Determined by the lowest of the values:

1) value determined by an independent appraiser;

2) value determined by the Bank;

3) transaction price for home purchase.

Period, month




Age at the time of the loan: from 21 years

Maximum age: From 21 (Twenty one) years to 58.5 years for women and 63 years for men until loan maturing.

Work experience: not less than 4 (Four) months at the last place of work before the date of the loan application, and the total continuous work experience of an individual must be at least 6 (Six) months.

* Citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan

(A document confirming the citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan, identification document or passport of a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan)

** The absence of the borrower's housing in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the right of ownership, confirmed by the legal cadastre information, excluding:

*** The availability of rooms in hostels with a usable area of ​​less than 15 square meters for each family member; housing which is recognized as an emergency in the manner prescribed by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

**** The absence of outstanding debt for residential mortgage loans (including for which the potential borrower acts as a co-borrower / guarantor) is confirmed by a credit report from the credit bureau.

The loan is provided in outlets of Sberbank:

  • at the place of registration of borrowers, including settlements located not more than 15 (fifteen) kilometers from the city limits where the Branch / SSB of the Bank is located;

  • at the location of an organization being the employer of the borrower where the Branch / SSB of the Bank is located;

  • at the location of the existing / purchased / reconstructed property serving as a collateral for the loan, located in settlements of the Republic of Kazakhstan on whose territory branches / SSB of the Bank are operating, or in settlements located not more than 30 (thirty) kilometers from Almaty or no more than 20 (twenty) kilometers from the city limits of other cities / settlements in which the Branch / SSB of the Bank is located.

A one-time transfer of the loan amount at the borrower’s request to the current account after registration of the Real Estate Pledge Agreement.

In equal or differentiated installments

Partial or full early loan repayment

It is made upon the application containing the date of early repayment, amount and account from which the funds will be transferred. The early repayment date indicated in the application must fall exclusively on the business day.

The minimum amount of early repayment is unlimited.

Early repayment fee is not charged.

For more information, please contact the Bank’s outlets in your city or call the Contact Center at 8 (727) 250-30-20, in other regions of Kazakhstan: 8-8000-808-808.