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Salary Online

for individuals receiving salary through payment cards of SB Sberbank JSC

The deposit money placement agreement Salary Online” 

* Income in the form of interest on deposits of the individuals being non-residents is subject to individual income taxes according to the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On taxes and other mandatory payments to the budget" from January 1, 2018. The rate of individual income tax is 15.

Interest rates:


Minimum balance

Deposit term
(in months)

Interest rate (% per annum)


1 000


8,6 (ГЭСВ* 8,9)

Ground: Decision of the Asset and Liability Management Committee of SB Sberbank JSC No.57 dated August 27, 2020.*Аnnual effective interest rate

Term: 13 months

Currency: Tenge

Minimum balance: 1 000 Tenge

Maximum balance: 50 000 000  Tenge

Additional Contributions are allowed throughout the entire Deposit term. The total Deposit amount, taking into account all additional Contributions, should not exceed the Maximum Deposit Amount

Partial withdrawals are allowed up to the minimum balance amount without loss of accrued interest

Deposit amount is not converted


  • The deposit is automatically prolongated under conditions and with the interest rate applicable to Manage Deposit as of the prolongation date.

The number of prolongations is not limited.

Interests are accrued on a monthly basis on the whole amount of the deposit

The payment/capitalization of the accrued interest shall be performed in accordance with the deposit money placement agreement.

If the day of payment / capitalization of interest falls on a non-business day (weekend / holiday), then payment / capitalization of accrued interest shall be made on the first business day following the non-business day

  • at any unforeseen situation, if you need money before the deposit maturity, you can always have your money.
  • In case of early termination of the deposit account contract, accrued interest is not lost.

How to open

  1. Sign in to Sberbank Online and select Deposits and Accounts tab.
  2. Select Open a Deposit Account menu item.
  3. Check the terms of deposit and select the appropriate type of deposit. Click Continue.
  4. Fill in the application: select the account to be debited, deposited amount and deposit period. Click Open.
  5. Congratulations! The deposit account is opened.

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