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Brokerage operations

SB Sberbank JSC is an active participant of the Kazakhstan stock market and is a primary dealer / agent that serves transactions with government securities (GS) issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

SB Sberbank JSC has the License No. 199 of the Agency of RK on regulation and supervision of financial market and financial organizations to conduct banking and other transactions in national and foreign currency dated December 13, 2007, as part of this license the Bank is entitled to carry out brokerage and dealer activities in the securities market with the right to manage client accounts as a nominal holder.

We offer our clients a reliable way to preserve and increase cash – their investment in government securities. Convenient and portable portfolio of securities is in some cases a profitable alternative to deposits. At any time, securities can be converted into monetary assets by their sale on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange or by entering into REPO transactions (attracting or placing of money against security of securities). A significant advantage of this method of investing is the fact that the income on government securities is not taxable.

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