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Online Bank Guarantee Authentication Verification

If you are a beneficiary under the guarantee provided by our Bank and want to verify its authenticity, you can do this using the online service without providing a written request to the Bank.

To verify a guarantee, enter the blank form number and beneficiary's BIN in the fields below:

Enter the blank form number
Enter the beneficiary's BIN

Guarantees of SB Sberbank JSC are issued on special blank forms, each of which has an identification number and is accompanied by a copy of powers of attorney for the authorized representatives of the Bank, who signed the guarantee.
In order to verify the authenticity of guarantees issued by SB Sberbank JSC, you can send a scanned copy of a written request signed by the head of your company with the number, amount, date of issue of the guarantee and name of the applicant (with a copy of the guarantee) to e-mail:

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